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Why You Should Consider Converting Your Texas Home to Propane

As a homeowner in Greater Wichita Falls, Texas, you’ve likely heard by now that propane has the ability to power your daily routine, your home, and even your backyard. With so many propane gas users in Texas, your friends and neighbors have probably told you all about how propane is an efficient option for fueling […]

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Top Environmental Benefits of Propane in North Texas

Almost everyone these days is looking for ways to be a bit eco-friendlier in their daily lives, and we know residents of North Texas are no exception to that rule. From recycling to what you can and can’t use for composting, there are many accessible ways to be kind to the planet—but did you know […]

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Why You Need Propane Tank Maintenance in Texas

At Kelly Propane, we know you depend on your propane tank all year to deliver heat and power to your appliances every season at your Wichita Falls, TX home. Keeping your propane fuel tank in tip-top shape, operating safely, efficiently, and without hazard, is the ultimate goal of having continued and regular maintenance for your […]

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