Why You Need Propane Tank Maintenance in Texas

At Kelly Propane, we know you depend on your propane tank all year to deliver heat and power to your appliances every season at your Wichita Falls, TX home. Keeping your propane fuel tank in tip-top shape, operating safely, efficiently, and without hazard, is the ultimate goal of having continued and regular maintenance for your tank. That’s why we are proud to offer maintenance, tank installation, and repairs for propane tanks of all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve recently had a conversion or tank replacement, don’t think that just because your tank is new, you should skip out on maintenance this year. Having your propane tank maintained and serviced regularly is of the utmost importance to ensure that you, your family, and your home are safe.

The Benefits of Conversions and Replacements

Conversions and tank replacements indeed come with plenty of benefits, like:

A New Tank Means Fewer Risks: Along with higher efficiency, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of a propane leak or emergency when you upgrade your propane tank.

Heating Upgrades Provide Better Resell Value: Whether you’re replacing the propane tank in your home or business, the value of your property will increase with a brand-new propane storage tank, which will last for years and years.

More Reliable Heating and Reduced Stress Levels: New fuel storage systems provide more dependable heating and increased peace of mind.

While upgrading and converting to propane come with these benefits, getting tank maintenance every year remains of the utmost importance. During a maintenance inspection, a trained and experienced Kelly Propane professional will:

  • Check for leaks.
  • Check for corrosion on your tank surface, regulator, valves, and all fittings.
  • Check for dents or gouges that may compromise the tank’s structural integrity.
  • Perform a pressure check.
  • Replace the relief valve and regulator.
  • Give you total peace of mind.

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Why Get Preventative Maintenance for Propane Tanks?

Preventative maintenance ensures a long life for your propane tank and helps reduce the number of repairs you may need throughout the tank’s life. If not properly maintained, tanks will likely need repairs, and if beyond repair, they will be taken out of service for safety reasons as required by law; we know you don’t want that to happen. While propane is a clean-burning, nontoxic heating fuel that’s a top choice for Texans for heating and power, with any combustible fuel, it can be dangerous if not properly taken care of and stored correctly. Any issue with your tank that goes unchecked could put your family and home in a dangerous situation. At the least, propane users should have their tanks serviced annually.

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Count on Kelly Propane for Your Propane Tank Maintenance

Thankfully, Kelly Propane can perform all necessary maintenance and repairs for your propane tank. We’ve been serving Texas residents for years with quality propane tank service and fuel delivery. Check to see if you’re in our service area, and become a customer today.