Commercial Propane Service

At Kelly Propane and Fuel, we offer commercial propane tank services for our Wichita and North Texas customers. We can provide commercial propane services for farms, commercial businesses, industrial business complexes, and more. Commercial propane uses vary in size, demand, and application, and our experienced technicians and propane professionals are ready to handle your next propane job. We can do everything from simple tank installations to the installation and service of complex propane systems that require vaporizers and liquid service lines. Whatever your propane needs are, we can do almost everything. If you need a service that you don’t see listed, simply send us a message, or give us a call! We’d love to discuss our services with you.

For our commercial customers, we offer:

  • Tank Installations
  • Propane Delivery Services
  • Bulk Tank and Propane Cylinder Services
  • Propane System Maintenance Services
  • Services for Propane Forklifts for Warehouses
  • Services for Industrial Propane-Powered Lift Trucks
  • Temporary Construction Propane Tanks
  • Installation and Service for Complex Propane Systems Requiring Vaporizers and Liquid Service Lines

Agricultural Propane Services and Rural Areas

If your commercial enterprise or farm is located in a rural area, we can provide all of your propane needs. For commercial agriculture, we offer all of the services listed above, and whatever equipment you need to power, we can supply the propane for it. Propane is an excellent fuel for agricultural equipment. It keeps your equipment’s engines clean, meaning that your systems will have longer lifespans and a reduced need for repairs.

Industrial Propane Services for Vehicles and Fleets

Propane vehicle users and propane-powered fleets can depend on Kelly Propane and Fuel to service their propane needs for motor fuel applications, both on road and off road. We supply both bulk tanks that are used to refuel vehicles as well as deliver propane to the vehicles on site. We also offer services for propane forklifts and propane-powered lift trucks.

Temporary Construction Tanks for Commercial Customers

Commercial and industrial propane applications in Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas sometimes require the use of a temporary propane tank installation. If you need a temporary tank installed for uses such as heating tar kettles for roofing, we can do it. We are familiar with the laws and codes governing temporary propane tanks, and we always install and service these tanks in accordance with all laws and codes.

Trust Kelly Propane and Fuel

When it comes to supplying propane and propane services to commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses, we’re the best in the area! For affordable, high-quality propane services, simply request service using our convenient online form, or give us a call.