Emergency Propane Services

At Kelly Propane and Fuel, we understand the need for an immediate response to emergency propane issues. If you run out of fuel, suspect a leak, or have another emergency that requires immediate attention, we work to respond promptly to your call, so you can be assisted as soon as possible. We have qualified propane technicians available for emergencies if you need us.

If you need emergency propane service, please call our Holliday number directly at (940) 586-1208.

Tips to Avoid a Propane Emergency

  • Order Fuel on Time: To avoid an emergency runout of propane fuel, the best thing to do is order fuel on time. Always place your order when your tank gauge is at or nearing 30% full. That way, you will have enough fuel to get you through until we can make your delivery.
  • Have Your System Inspected: If you suspect something is awry or not quite right with your propane tank system, don’t second-guess yourself. Get in touch with us so we can inspect your tank. By looking into the issue early, we can resolve it before it becomes a big emergency.
  • Know How to Turn the Gas Off: In case of an emergency, know how to turn the gas off. You should familiarize yourself with your propane tank fuel system and be comfortable turning off the gas if you need to do so.
  • Be Familiar with the Smell of Propane: Propane is naturally odorless and colorless, so a scent is always added to help you be aware in case there is a leak. Be familiar with the scent of propane, and if you suspect a leak, call us immediately.

At Kelly Fuel and Propane, your safety is our priority, so if you have any questions regarding the safety of your propane tank system, don’t hesitate to reach out.