How to Stay Comfortable When the Power Goes Out in Texas

Power outages are inconvenient, inopportune, and downright uncomfortable, especially for residents here in the Greater Wichita Falls, Texas area. But we have a solution. Whether outages are caused by intentional blackouts or severe weather, propane can combat the discomfort of the power going out in your area by allowing you to still use and operate your home appliances, heating, and more! To learn more about how to use the power of propane to stay comfortable during a power outage, keep reading this blog!

Use Propane to Power Your Daily Routine, Even During a Power Outage

If you haven’t already, switching to propane for a majority of your home’s appliances and heating can save you money, and help you to combat rolling blackouts and power outages in your area, giving you greater control over your energy usage. Luckily, unlike your electrical equipment, propane appliances can still operate during a power outage, keeping you comfortable and safe. An all-propane home enables you to have hot showers, cooked meals, and heat when the power is out.

4 Tips to Stay Comfortable When the Power Goes Out

1. Continue to Cook, Clean, & Enjoy Hot Water

Did you know that propane can power your hot water heater, dishwasher, clothes dryer, stovetop, and fireplace? The great news is that even if the power goes out, North Texas propane users will still be able to take hot showers, cook, clean, and go about their day easily, even without electricity!

2. Stay Safe During a Power Outage

Remember to always turn off all of your electrical lights and appliances that were operating before the outage occurred (apart from at least one light — to help signal when the power returns). This will reduce any type of power surge from occurring once power returns. PLEASE NOTE: you should never use outdoor propane appliances such as BBQ grills, patio heaters, or portable generators indoors. Also do not consider using gas stovetop burners for space heating or storing propane cylinders within your home. All of these could be extremely dangerous or even fatal if attempted.

3. Enjoy Your Outdoor Appliances

If the power goes out during a fair-weather day due to scheduled blackouts or a broken power line or an accident in your area, you can still use your outdoor propane appliances as you would regularly. In the absence of severe weather or storms, you might still decide to enjoy your outdoor grill, pool heater, patio heater, propane-powered hot tub, fire pit table, and more. These would be considered safe and approved outdoor uses of propane that you can enjoy even without electricity.

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4. Add Extra Security with a Home Generator

Having an additional fuel source other than electricity at your home can be a huge benefit during an outage. Since propane can be stored in a tank on your property, it can also be used to power an emergency standby generator. Get back to your regular routine faster by being able to power your light switches, televisions, refrigerator, Wi-Fi router, and more! That’s right, having a propane generator, you’ll be able to operate your electrical appliances, even during a power outage. Who doesn’t want that kind of peace of mind for their North Texas home?

Convert to Propane for More Comfort & Convenience in North Texas

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