Easy Ways to Power Your Backyard with Propane

Ahh, summer in Texas. Warm air, sunny weather, long days, and family get-togethers that extend well into the evening…what’s not to love? The more important question is, is your backyard ready for summer? Make this the year you become the envy of your neighborhood—create the perfect outdoor living space by installing propane-fired appliances that bring all the comforts of your indoor living space outside. Here are some of the exciting things propane can bring to the outdoor portion of your Wichita Falls property.

Top Ways Propane Can Improve Your Texas Outdoor Experience in the Summer

Host a Mouthwatering Barbecue

Many people’s summer highlights include graduation parties, holiday cookouts, family reunions, and more. All of these can be elevated when you break out the propane gas grill! One way to save money on propane is to always get your propane cylinders refilled, rather than purchasing new ones. As a bonus, refilling your propane cylinders instead of replacing them will also reduce your carbon footprint. Grills can even be hooked up to your home’s propane tank supply, meaning you won’t have to worry about filling and transporting cylinders all the time.

Already mastered recipes on your outdoor grill? Kick your al fresco cooking up a notch with a propane-fired outdoor burner. Make a batch of country-fried chicken or beer-battered cod without the heavy oil smell lingering inside your house for the next week, or throw a memorable clambake that doesn’t take all afternoon to prepare. You can even transform your burner into a smoker—smoked salmon, anyone?

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Don’t Let the Summer End Early

Though it may not be a concern now, temperatures can drop at night later in the summer, putting an early halt to your summer festivities. Say goodbye to cold nights on the patio and instead turn on your propane-fueled patio heater, letting comfort come to you. These high-efficiency heaters provide consistent heating, keeping your backyard space warm, comfortable, and inviting when the evening breeze kicks in. Be forewarned: your guests may never want to leave! Sleek, subtle design paired with efficient heat output makes this appliance an easy choice for any Texas home.

Enjoy the Ambiance of a Fire Pit

Who says a fireplace is only meant to be in your living room? Add warmth and character to your backyard on cooler nights throughout the summer (and spring and fall) with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Propane hearth products and accessories allow you to achieve the same look and feel as wood-burning alternatives—without the mess or hassle. You’ll even have a chance to break out the s’mores and campfire songs without dealing with smoke in your eyes and smelling like a burnt log by night’s end. Propane-fueled fireplaces and fire pits provide all the joys of camping without the shoddy air mattresses and nasty bug bites.

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Ready to Let Kelly Propane Step Up Your Summer Game?

Contact us to schedule a propane delivery or learn more about how propane makes outdoor living easier than ever. If you’re ready to add some good, clean, propane fun into your outdoor living space this summer, give us a call today, and we’d be happy to get you set up with a delivery, gas line installation, or propane tank hookup!