What to Expect from a Residential Propane Tank Installation

Choosing to install a propane tank at your home is a big decision, requiring you to make some smart moves, like deciding which company will install the tank for you. Only licensed companies like Kelly Propane may perform propane tank installation. At Kelly Propane, we’ve served the Wichita Falls area with propane delivery and tank services for over 60 years. We proudly install propane tanks of all sizes throughout North Texas.

What We Provide during the Installation

When you choose Kelly Propane to install your new propane tank, you can expect quite a few things. First of all, you can always trust that all our work meets local, state, and federal regulations and requirements. We prioritize making sure your tank is properly installed and meets all codes. Our technicians and staff maintain all required licensing for any size propane tank installation job, including gas-fitters licensing and other common and specific requirements within Texas and beyond.

Our team of installation technicians is highly trained and experienced, well-equipped to handle almost any tank installation. We’ll help you decide whether an aboveground or underground tank is right for your property, and we can help you decide on the size and location of your tank before installation. Our experience in sizing your storage tank needs will help manage the cost of installation, based on the right engineering calculations and the anticipated usage. Once we select a size, we’ll provide you a sales quote for your propane tank installation—and when it’s time to install the tank, we’ll find a time that works with your schedule to install your home’s new tank. From start to finish, you can expect a seamless tank installation that will last for years.

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Get Started with Kelly Propane Today

Whatever your preferences or requirements, Kelly Propane will provide the best advice, engineering, and options coupled with the professionalism you expect. Once we’ve installed your tank, you can rely on Kelly Propane for reliable propane deliveries to keep your tank full and home comfortable. Better yet, you can enroll in automatic delivery, leaving the ordering and scheduling to us. Get in touch with the propane professionals at Kelly Propane today for a new tank installation estimate.