Top Uses for On-Road & Off-Road Diesel Fuel in Texas

Do you run an agricultural or commercial business in Wichita, TX that requires diesel fuel? Whether your fleet or farm equipment needs diesel, Kelly Propane is here to deliver the high-quality fuel you depend on! We’re proud to provide on-road and dyed diesel fueling services to Greater Wichita Falls and the surrounding area. We offer a range of services, from delivery to tank installation – we even have a filling station. Keep reading this post to learn the top uses for on- and off-road diesel and the easiest and most affordable ways to get it for your commercial business or agricultural set-up.

Top Uses for On- and Off-Road Diesel

  • On-road diesel: On-road (clear) diesel is primarily used for transporting goods and people over long distances. In on-road settings, diesel is most affordably used in trucks, buses, and other vehicles that use public roads.
  • Off-road diesel: Off-road (dyed) diesel has various uses, from construction equipment to agricultural machinery, generators, and more. Whether you need to run excavators, bulldozers, or farm equipment for plowing and planting, diesel can help you get the job done!

Best Ways to Get Your Diesel in Wichita, TX

Convenient Diesel Delivery

If you need diesel delivered for your diesel tank, generators, or agricultural fuel tanks, you’ve found the right place! Our diesel trucks are ready to deliver fuel to your location and are on the road regularly. Our fleet can handle your volume requirements. Big or small, we’ll take care of them!

Local Filling Station

If you have a fleet on the road that needs to fuel up, we have a convenient fueling station. Kelly Propane has a Covenant fuel card system that allows our customers to get both diesel and gasoline 24 hours a day in the Wichita Falls and Holliday areas.

Diesel Tank Installation

Do you need a storage solution for your diesel fuel deliveries? Tank advantage of Kelly Propane’s professional tank installations. Our diesel tank installations are perfect for farm use or on-site jobs. Our installations can even include pumps for temporary or permanent usage.

Contact Kelly Propane for Diesel Services

We offer a range of diesel services – request a delivery, a tank installation, or get a keycard for station filling. You can count on Kelly Propane for expert fuel service. We are here to meet all your diesel fuel needs.