Simple Propane Safety Tips for Summer

As the summer season approaches the Greater Wichita Falls area of Texas, many of us look forward to spending time outdoors, making the most of our backyards with the help of propane-powered grills, fire pits, and other appliances. At Kelly Propane, we are not only dedicated to supplying top-quality propane but also to helping to ensure its safe usage. Here are some safety guidelines to follow as you utilize propane this summer.

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Summer Propane Safety Tips

Safe Transport and Storage of Propane Tanks

Safety should be your top priority when transporting grill tank cylinders for your barbecue. Always keep the tank in an upright position and secure it to prevent any tipping over. If you’re transporting it in a vehicle, head straight to your destination without making any unnecessary stops. Safe storage is also critical. Make sure you choose a well-ventilated outdoor area that is not directly exposed to sunlight or heat sources. It’s important to remember never to store propane tanks indoors or in enclosed spaces like basements, garages, sheds, or tents.

Operating Your Grill Tank Safely

Before you start grilling, check the connection between the propane tank and the fuel line to ensure it’s secure. Once you’re done grilling, turn off the burner controls first, followed by the tank valve. Let the grill cool down completely before covering it.

Monitoring Your Propane Supply

Regularly monitor your tank gauge to make sure you have sufficient fuel. It’s advisable to order a refill when the gauge reads one-third full. For added convenience, consider enrolling in Kelly Propane’s automatic propane delivery service, so you don’t have to spend as much time checking your tank and placing manual refill orders.

Maintaining Your Propane Tank

To safeguard your propane tank from rust, consider painting it with a light color of propane tank paint. Light colors reflect sunlight and prevent the tank from absorbing too much heat, which can alter the pressure inside the tank.

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Have Questions? We’re Here to Help!

If you have any queries about propane safety or need help, our team at Kelly Propane is always ready to assist. Visit our Propane Safety page for more information.