Simplify Your Routine with Automatic Delivery & a Tank Monitor

With summer here, now is an excellent time to think about ways to simplify your daily routine. Keeping an eye on your tank levels by always checking your tank gauge and scheduling deliveries can take up valuable time that you could otherwise spend doing something more important. If you’re a Wichita Falls resident, we have good news for you. At Kelly Propane, we have the perfect way to simplify your daily routine and make getting your fuel so much easier. By signing up for automatic delivery and adding a tank monitor, you can take walking out to check your tank gauge and scheduling deliveries off your busy to-do list.


Why Sign Up for Automatic Delivery?

With automatic propane delivery, Kelly Propane will schedule your deliveries for you, so you won’t need to worry about scheduling them anymore. We’ll deliver propane whenever you need it. Based on your estimated usage and degree-day calculations, we’ll know when you’re due for a refill. What are the benefits?

  • Total Convenience:

You can count on our service team to deliver your fuel whenever you need it. Our efficient monitoring system will track your fuel usage, scheduling deliveries accordingly.

  • Smarter Spending:

Make the most of your heating budget. Kelly Propane’s automatic delivery service creates a delivery schedule based on educated estimates. More effective fill-ups translate into more efficient fuel use, meaning lower annual energy costs.

  • Improved Protection:

Running out of propane can cause significant damage and pose unnecessary safety risks. Customers who sign up for auto-delivery minimize the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency. You can trust Kelly Propane to deliver fuel whenever you need it.


Add a Propane Tank Monitor, Too

Still want some insight into how your tank does between fill-ups? Add a tank monitor for 24-hour access to your tank levels, no matter where you are. The tank monitors keep track of how much fuel is in your tank at any time; you can access this information directly from any smart device on the app.

How the Propane Tank Monitors Work

  • Easily monitor your tank with the touch of a button
  • Enjoy premium, uninterrupted fuel service all year round
  • Receive notification of drastic propane fuel usage changes
  • Benefit from reliable, durable tank monitoring equipment
  • Get online access to tank fill history and information

Start a New, Simpler Propane Routine This Season

Summer is the season of change. Start a new, simpler routine this season with automatic delivery and a tank monitor, and take monitoring your tank off your to-do list. Whenever you’re ready to enroll in these convenient programs, just get in touch with us at Kelly Propane!