Extend Summer Pool Fun with Propane

If you’re anything like us, you cannot wait to finally take a splash in your pool and enjoy all the outdoor fun that the summer season has to offer us here in the Greater Wichita Falls area in Texas. However, despite the rising temperatures, the start of the summer season can still mean chilly pool water, which can be less than comfortable when you and your family are ready to dive in at your summer kickoff barbeque. Luckily, our team here at Kelly Propane has the solution! Keep reading to learn how a propane pool heater can help extend your summer pool fun and keep you comfortable and relaxed all season long.

How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

Propane pool heaters are fueled by propane gas, which is stored in a tank on your property. When you turn on your propane pool heater, the gas is burned to heat the water in your pool. The heater contains a combustion chamber, a heat exchanger, and a blower. Propane is burned in the combustion chamber, which heats the water in the heat exchanger. The blower then circulates the heated water back into your pool.

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Top Benefits of Propane Pool Heaters for North TX Homes

Propane offers homeowners here in Texas a variety of excellent ways to make their outdoor experience even more comfortable and convenient.

  • Quick: Propane pool heaters can quickly heat your pool water. Unlike other pool heating alternatives, propane pool heaters can raise the temperature of your pool water by several degrees in just a few hours, making them even more comfortable when you’re ready to go swimming.
  • Efficient: Propane pool heaters are more efficient than electric pool heaters. They can heat your pool water faster and maintain the temperature more effectively. Propane gas is also very affordable, so propane pool heaters can save you money on your summer energy bills.
  • Versatile: Propane pool heaters can work in any weather, regardless of how sunny or cloudy it is. This means you can enjoy your pool even on cooler days.
  • Reliable: Just like your other favorite propane appliances and home heating systems, propane pool heaters have a long lifespan and can last many years with proper maintenance. As one of the most eco-friendly, reliable, and safe fuels around, why wouldn’t you take advantage of propane to help elevate your outdoor summer experience?

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More Outdoor Propane Appliances and Uses

Don’t just stop at a pool heater! Propane can power all sorts of outdoor fun for you and your family this season. Get the most out of your backyard this summer by adding a propane fire pit, propane patio heaters, and propane grills or burners for an even more luxurious outdoor living experience.

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