How to Create an Outdoor Sanctuary with Propane

With summer right around the corner, there is a lot of time ahead of us to enjoy the relaxing evenings outdoors here in North Texas. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Make the most of this summer by powering your outdoor backyard experience with propane delivered from our fueling professionals here at Kelly Propane. Keep reading to learn about all the different propane-powered appliances that can elevate your outdoor living experience far beyond this upcoming season.

Propane’s Outdoor Versatility for TX Homes

Gas grills are the first thing to come to mind for many of us when thinking of propane’s outdoor uses. When it comes to flavor, propane is where it’s at. Forget the charred taste left by charcoal—opt instead for a cleaner burn with propane. Cooking time, on-demand temperature settings, and a fast initial heating period will all have you wondering why you ever cooked with charcoal in the first place. Plus, cleanup is much easier without the ashy mess that charcoal leaves behind. In addition to gas grills and barbeques (the most common household use for propane outdoors), there are several other great ways to use this versatile gas in your outdoor living space that you’ll be wishing you installed even sooner.

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Top Outdoor Propane Uses for North Texas Residents

Outdoor Burner

Ready to try something different from a grill? If you’ve already mastered your grilling technique and want to try something new, kick up your al fresco a notch with a propane-fired outdoor burner. Forget heavy oil scents lingering in your house, let alone slow-bake recipes. You can even transform your burner into a smoker!

Patio Heaters

If the outside temperature drops, there’s no need to head back inside when you have a handy propane-powered patio heater. Keep things cozy out on your deck with a space heater. These high-efficiency heaters provide consistent heating, which keeps your backyard space warm, comfortable, and inviting when the evening breeze kicks in.

Pools/Hot Tub

Forget going in a toe at a time when the water is ice-cold. Make sure you heat the water in your pool or hot tub above shivering temperatures with a propane pool or hot tub heater. Propane heaters are less expensive than their electric counterparts and can reach and maintain your desired water temperature faster and more efficiently.

Fireplaces/Fire Pits

Why bother with the fuss of camping when you can have it all at home? Why not turn your backyard into your personal glamping hub? Light the fire, break out the s’mores, and sing out your kumbayas all night long. Propane-fueled fireplaces and fire pits provide all the joys of camping without the mess and fuss.

Clean Burning, Less Mess, and More Fun with Propane

Tired of the wood, smoke, and maintenance that come with operating a traditional outdoor fireplace or firepit table? Consider installing a propane-powered outdoor firepit today! With features like remote start, you can get a fire started with the push of a button. Plus, propane is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to wood or charcoal. Not only will these propane firepits reduce your carbon footprint — they’ll keep your patio clear of soot and ash and won’t leave you smelling like a campfire when the party is over. Click here if you want to learn more about our propane tank installations, and get started on leveling up your backyard experience today.

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