Reasons to Sign Up for a Propane Budget Plan this Year

As the warmer months begin to wind down here in Wichita Falls, North Texas homeowners are already thinking of ways to best prepare their homes, and wallets, for the chilly winter season ahead. If you primarily use propane for home heating, buying fuel as you need it throughout the winter months can make for unpredictable budgeting, unnecessary hassle, and overpayment resulting from peak-season cold-weather rates. However, by enrolling in a propane payment plan through Kelly Propane, you can experience the cost-saving, easy-to-budget benefits of a propane budget plan. Our plans help alleviate your high winter heating bills, decreasing stress and allowing you to enjoy each season even more. Keep reading to learn the top reasons you should sign up for a Texas propane budget plan, how it works, and how you can enroll today!

What Is a Propane Budget Plan?

Choosing a budget plan for your annual supply of propane adds predictability to your fuel costs and often saves you money while adding convenience. Plus, if you’ve decided to begin using propane to fuel your indoor and outdoor appliances, this plan will do even more to keep your propane prices manageable throughout every season. With equal, low, and predictable payments, you’ll be able to work your propane payments into your monthly financial plan easily. Check out our list of helpful tips below to start taking advantage of better, more affordable propane fuel pricing now!

How to Take Advantage of Better Fuel Propane Pricing All Year Long

Step 1: Learn about Your Propane Payment Options

Winter heating costs can get expensive, especially if you are paying for fuel per delivery. That’s why we offer a cost-alleviating Propane Budget Plan to help break up your propane costs over 10 months with monthly payments, instead of paying a lump sum upon delivery. The advantages are simple. When you can break up your fuel bills, you’ll have a reliable monthly budget to spend from.

Step 2: Benefits of a Propane Budget Plan

Wondering how to make the choice that is best for your family’s comfort and budget? Enrolling in a propane budget plan might be the right choice for you. When you sign up to have your yearly propane costs split up over the course of the year you will:

  • Have your total fuel costs divided into 10 equal payments
  • Save on monthly energy bills
  • Enjoy predictable payments
  • Say goodbye to expensive winter heating bills
  • Experience more financial freedom throughout the year

If these Budget Plan benefits sound like they will make your heating season easier, don’t hesitate to give your nearest Kelly Propane location a call today!

Step 3: Estimate Your Payment(s)

Our reliable technology accounts for your previous annual propane usage, the predicted weather, and your home heating preferences. Then, we multiply your predicted annual gallons by the current market price and divide the total into 10 equal payments. We’ll bill you one of these low payments each month of the year. Get an idea of your anticipated pre-pay amount or monthly budget payment before signing up! Kelly Propane will provide you with an estimated amount. Just ask!

Step 4: Sign Up with Ease

After weighing your options and calculating your anticipated monthly payment, signing up for your Propane Budget Plan is quick and easy. Simply contact the experts for assistance.

Step 5: Easily Pay Your Monthly Bill

Paying your bill should be simple and quick. We want to remove the hassle out of paying bills, so we offer three simple ways to pay. If you’d like to come into the office, you can pay your bill at the front desk. Or, for a more flexible option, pay your bills easily online through our secure and encrypted website, available to you 24/7. If neither of these methods sounds like the option you want, give us a call, and we will happily assist you over the phone.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Season!

Taking just a few moments to plan ahead and protect your fuel price can save you time, money, and stress for the entire year. Once you’re signed up, sit back, relax, and enjoy your season.

Ready to Enroll in a Cost-Saving Budget Plan? Contact Kelly Propane Today

Get better fuel pricing this year in North Texas when you enroll in a Kelly Propane budget plan for your yearly supply of fuel for all your home heating and energy needs. Simply fill out our online contact form here, or give us a call at your nearest Kelly Propane office to let us know you’re interested in a propane payment plan! Our highly trained customer service representatives will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.