Why Having a Local Propane Supplier Matters in North Texas

Types of Businesses Using Propane Gas in Texas

February 20, 2024

Propane plays a vital role in daily life here in Greater Wichita Falls, Texas, and while consumer usage makes up most propane sales, commercial customers also depend on propane to power their businesses. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane is a popular fuel source because it is safe, nontoxic, and clean burning. Not […]


Why Homeowners in TX Love Automatic Propane Delivery

January 2, 2024

Ready to make your life easier by simplifying your propane deliveries? Well, the team here at Kelly Propane has you covered! Enrolling in our convenient automatic propane delivery program, available at no additional cost, is the perfect way to simplify your life and let go of the hassle of placing manual fuel orders every time […]


Top 3 Reasons to Power Your North TX Forklift Fleet with Propane

December 26, 2023

Navigating the operational landscape of a business in North Texas comes with its unique challenges, and one critical decision many business owners grapple with is selecting an optimal fuel source. If your company relies on forklifts in the North Texas region, the choice of fuel can significantly impact your efficiency and bottom line. In this […]


Top Reasons Why Texas Businesses Choose Propane

November 13, 2023

Here in Texas, commercial businesses love using propane to power their operations. From construction sites to agriculture and restaurants, local businesses use propane for anything from heating to powering forklifts and more. Propane is an eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile fuel that can enhance your business operations and help keep your budget in line. Keep reading […]


Why You Should Consider Converting Your Texas Home to Propane

October 19, 2023

As a homeowner in Greater Wichita Falls, Texas, you’ve likely heard by now that propane has the ability to power your daily routine, your home, and even your backyard. With so many propane gas users in Texas, your friends and neighbors have probably told you all about how propane is an efficient option for fueling […]