Texas Farmers Prefer Propane Compared to Other Fuels

With the advancements in modern technology, you would think we would be able to grow food out of thin air by now. But the United States actually still relies on family farms and ranches, such as the ones in North Texas, for 89 percent of agricultural production, as stated by the USDA.

To continuously produce such large numbers of crops every year, these farms have come to depend on fuel to help the food get from the farm to your table. However, there is a type of fuel farmers have placed their trust in more than others—propane.

Why Choose Propane for Your Farm?

Propane is a great fuel for farms and ranches because it is extremely versatile and reliable. Farmers can use it to heat outbuildings, such as greenhouses and barns; for irrigation, crop drying and other crop care; and to power tractors, trucks, and other large equipment needed to transport crops across the farm.

Not only can propane be used for a wide variety of things, but it is also cost-effective. To run a farm by electricity requires a large capital investment and tends to have high operating costs. Plus, if you have a farm in a remote rural area, it will most likely be hard to service if there is an electrical blackout, which will result in operational delays. Propane provides operation for farms at almost half of the cost and eliminates remote farmers’ fears of a blackout.

Most importantly, propane is more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources, and since farmers depend on the earth to grow crops to make a profit, it makes sense to have an environmentally friendly fuel to power their farms. It also tends to give farmers a competitive edge, as shoppers tend to put eco-friendly products at the top of their shopping list.

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