How-to Tip: Checking Your Propane Tank Gauge in North Texas

January is the coldest month of the year in North Texas, and that not only means reliable heat is more important than ever, but you’ll also likely be using more fuel. With that increase in fuel usage, the last thing you want to worry about when the mercury drops is a fuel run-out, so if you are a will-call propane delivery customer, don’t forget to check your fuel tank gauge regularly. If you are new to owning a propane tank or in need of a quick refresher, keep reading to learn what you need to know to keep cozy and comfortable for the rest of the cold season.

Top Propane Tank Gauge Questions You Might Be Asking in North Texas:

1. Where Is My Propane Tank Gauge?

If you look at the top of your propane tank, you will likely see a dial that resembles a speedometer. That’s your tank gauge! You’ll notice numbers that start at five and go all the way up to 95. A common misconception is that those numbers represent the number of gallons left in your tank; that’s inaccurate. They actually represent the percentage of how much of your tank is full.

2. How Do I Know When to Place an Order of Propane?

If you are a will-call propane customer, you should order fuel when your tank gauge reads 30%. This allows enough fuel to last until your delivery arrives, helping to prevent a propane fuel run-out. During times of the year when fuel usage spikes, like in colder months or when you have lots of company in your home, consider checking your propane tank gauge more frequently.

If you don’t want to worry about making the trip out to your propane tank to check the gauge, sign up for a propane tank monitor. A propane tank monitor adds convenience because not only can you check your propane level from any computer or smart device, but it will also alert you when your tank is ready for a refill.

3. I Just Received a Delivery. Why Isn’t My Propane Tank Full?

If you’ve received a recent propane delivery and taken a look at your tank gauge, you might have noticed the tank was not filled up to 100%. That is because propane tanks are considered “full” at 80% capacity since the gas needs space to expand with changing temperatures.

Sign up for Automatic Propane Delivery, and Leave It to Us

A second option for increased convenience is enrolling in automatic propane delivery. When you sign up for automatic delivery with Kelly Propane and Fuel, we calculate your fuel need based on your usage history and the temperature, using that information to schedule your deliveries and take monitoring your tank levels off your hands. Contact us today if you’re interested in signing up.

Ordering Propane Made Simple with Kelly Propane and Fuel

Now that you know how to find and read your tank gauge, call us at (940) 586-1208 if you would like to sign up for the convenience of a propane tank monitor or automatic delivery. With more than 60 years of experience serving our community, we at Kelly Propane and Fuel are trustworthy for safe, efficient, and quality service. Request a propane delivery today!