Expert Propane Tank Hookups in North Texas

Do you have a propane tank that was installed by Kelly Propane, or a tank that’s disconnected? We can help you with our professional propane tank hookup services in Wichita Falls! We proudly offer tank hookups to both residential and commercial customers, and choosing Kelly Propane means you’re choosing a reliable, trustworthy local propane company with over 60 years in the fuel distribution business.


Propane tank

How the Propane Tank Hookup Process Works

Propane tank hookups are something that must be performed by licensed companies only, like Kelly Propane, to help keep your property and your family safe. Propane is easily stored on your property and we’re happy to provide expert propane tank installations as well as propane tank hookups for existing disconnected tanks. Depending on local ordinances, propane tanks may be located underground due to the non-toxic nature of the product. Some important considerations involving your propane tank hookup include:

  • Whether the company and technicians are licensed—we are!
  • Whether the tank is the correct size for your property
  • Applying correct distance rules
  • Assuring compliance with permitting and construction regulations in your area

Trust Kelly Propane for Your Propane Tank Hookups & Gas Line Installations

If you need a propane tank hookup, gas piping installations or repairs in North TX, Kelly Propane is here to help! A problem with a tank hookup or the gas line in your home is a serious matter that can lead to expensive repairs if left unchecked. While propane is a safe fuel, it can be dangerous to work with; this means that you need to have an expert who has the proper licenses and experience in dealing with propane tank hookups, gas piping repairs, and installations. Whether you’re dealing with a small leak or are looking to add another outlet for a new appliance, the experts at Kelly Propane are only a click or call away.