Kelly Propane and Fuel

Kelly Propane and Fuel serves the North Texas area with propane and other quality fuel products, including gasoline and diesel. We are an established propane and fuel dealer with over 60 years in the fuel and propane distribution business. Our staff is dedicated to serving our customers with quality propane and fuel products in a safe and efficient manner each and every day.

Kelly Propane and Fuel serves numerous towns and locales in the North Texas area. These include Wichita Falls, Holliday, Vernon, Burkburnett, Henrietta, Bowie, Iowa Park and Archer City, just to name a few. Our service area includes residential and commercial customers using propane, diesel and gasoline that are of all types and sizes that use our products for a variety of energy requirements. Kelly Propane and Fuel is dependably "Your Energy Source".

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Propane Tank Installation Services

Propane tanks ready for installation

Kelly Propane and Fuel has been installing propane tanks and propane gas systems in the Wichita Falls area for over sixty years. We install all types and sizes of tanks for differing residential and commercial applications. Our philosophy that governs our operation is based on safety, cost effectiveness and quality of service and product.

Wichita Falls and North Texas Propane Tank Installation

Kelly Propane and Fuel installs propane tanks of all sizes in the Wichita Falls and North Texas areas. We regularly sell and install 250, 500 and 1000 gallon propane tanks to residential and commercial customers in our service area. All propane tanks are installed according to local, state and federal regulations and requirements. Our full-time service and tank installation staff is trained and equipped to handle most all types of propane tank installations. Additionally, we install both above ground propane tanks and underground propane tanks in Wichita Falls, Holliday, Vernon and all surrounding areas. All of our services, from start to finish are handled with care to ensure a seamless installation of your propane tank in an efficient manner. Kelly Propane and Fuel primarily sells tanks but we also offer leasing options for propane customers using more than 400 gallons of propane a year.

Residential Propane Tanks and Installation

Our residential propane tank installation services generally begin with an estimate based on system requirements and desired propane tank size. We have the ability to work up a sales quote for your propane tank installation based on a set of plans or by meeting with the customer on-site. Kelly Propane and Fuel works with many homebuilders and residential contractors in the Wichita Falls and North Texas area as a subcontractor for propane tank and LP gas system installations. Once the tank is properly sized based on propane usage specifications and propane appliance BTU ratings, our service department will schedule a time to install a propane tank for your home. Again, we can install both above ground and underground propane tanks, based on your preference. Kelly Propane and Fuel has numerous relationships with Wichita Falls area licensed gas plumbers and we are happy to make a recommendation for your interior propane gas system installations. Our service personnel will cycle your system and all appliances and explain the workings of your LP gas system appurtenances. Kelly Propane and Fuel is the leading propane tank installation company in the Wichita Falls and North Texas area.

Commercial Propane Tanks and Installation

Kelly Propane and Fuel understands that commercial propane loads and usage requirements vary widely and are rarely in line with residential propane usage. We are able to install both aboveground and underground propane tanks of all sizes for commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. Kelly Propane and Fuel has the ability to, similar to residential installations, size tanks according to projected usage and propane demand. We have installed tanks for propane motorfuel refueling operations, restaurants, propane bottle refueling stations and all types of commercially oriented customers. Wichita Falls area propane users have depended on Kelly Propane and Fuel for all types of commercial, agricultural and industrial propane needs.

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