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Kelly Propane and Fuel serves the North Texas area with propane and other quality fuel products, including gasoline and diesel. We are an established propane and fuel dealer with over 60 years in the fuel and propane distribution business. Our staff is dedicated to serving our customers with quality propane and fuel products in a safe and efficient manner each and every day.

Kelly Propane and Fuel serves numerous towns and locales in the North Texas area. These include Wichita Falls, Holliday, Vernon, Burkburnett, Henrietta, Bowie, Iowa Park and Archer City, just to name a few. Our service area includes residential and commercial customers using propane, diesel and gasoline that are of all types and sizes that use our products for a variety of energy requirements. Kelly Propane and Fuel is dependably "Your Energy Source".

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Residential and Commercial Propane Services

Kelly Propane bobtail delivery truck

Kelly Propane and Fuel offers a full line of propane services for residential and commercial customers in Wichita Falls and the North Texas area. We serve homes of all sizes and ensure that these homes have their energy comfort needs satisfied by the use of clean burning propane gas. Along with residential propane service, we provide propane fuel services for commercial and industrial users as well. We pride ourselves on customer service for propane users of all sizes. Kelly Propane and Fuel provides residential and commercial propane service to a 50 mile radius around Wichita Falls and a 50 mile radius around Vernon.

Residential Propane Service

Residential propane users, homeowners and neighborhoods alike in the Wichita Falls area have been depending on Kelly Propane and Fuel for over 60 years for propane supply, propane tank installation and propane service of all types. Residential propane customers can rely on Kelly Propane and Fuel to keep their tanks from running out of gas through scheduled and routed propane deliveries. We do offer will-call delivery for propane customers that choose not to partake in are routed delivery service. We also realize that there are times when propane usage increases, such as in the winter, and we operate outside of our normal business hours to ensure our customers are taken care of and supplied with propane during these peak usage times.

In addition to residential propane delivery services, we offer maintenance and repair services for propane gas systems at most all levels of the LP gas system. Our full-time service technician is qualified to perform repairs and maintenance on tanks, exterior propane piping, regulators and parts of the in-house LP gas plumbing system. We also offer appliance services, one of which is converting appliances from natural gas to propane, free of charge. Our propane delivery drivers are qualified to inspect and service parts of the propane system including minor tank repairs, regulator replacement and leak detection. Kelly Propane and Fuel also works closely with Wichita Falls area home builders and residential contractors to install propane tanks and all aspects of the exterior propane piping system.

Commercial Propane Service

Commercial propane users vary in size, requirements and usage as well as differ in type of application. Kelly Propane and Fuel offers propane services for all types of commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. We provide tank installations, propane delivery services and propane system maintenance services for commercial customers of all types and sizes. Our commercial and industrial customers include bulk tank and propane cylinder services alike for the Wichita Falls and North Texas areas.

Kelly Propane and Fuel installs and services propane tanks of all sizes for commercial gas users. We can install complex propane systems requiring vaporizers and/or liquid service lines. Propane vehicle users and propane powered fleets can depend on Kelly Propane and Fuel to service their propane needs for motorfuel applications, both on road and off-road. We supply both bulk tanks that are used to refuel vehicles as well as delivering propane to the vehicles on-site. We also offer services for propane forklift users for warehouse and industrial propane powered lift trucks. Additionally, Kelly Propane and Fuel has the ability to service, fill, inspect and recertify industrial propane cylinders in the Wichita Falls and North Texas propane markets.

Commercial and industrial propane applications in the Wichita Falls and surrounding areas sometimes require the use of a temporary propane tank installation. Kelly Propane and Fuel is familiar with installing temporary propane tanks for uses such as heating tar kettles for roofing contractors. We are familiar with the laws and codes governing temporary propane tanks and we install and service these tanks in a safe and legal manner.

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