Kelly Propane and Fuel

Kelly Propane and Fuel serves the North Texas area with propane and other quality fuel products, including gasoline and diesel. We are an established propane and fuel dealer with over 60 years in the fuel and propane distribution business. Our staff is dedicated to serving our customers with quality propane and fuel products in a safe and efficient manner each and every day.

Kelly Propane and Fuel serves numerous towns and locales in the North Texas area. These include Wichita Falls, Holliday, Vernon, Burkburnett, Henrietta, Bowie, Iowa Park and Archer City, just to name a few. Our service area includes residential and commercial customers using propane, diesel and gasoline that are of all types and sizes that use our products for a variety of energy requirements. Kelly Propane and Fuel is dependably "Your Energy Source".

(940) 586-1208 Holliday
(940) 766-0561 Wichita Falls
(940) 552-5494 Vernon
(800) 460-2071 Toll-Free

Diesel and Gas Services For Wichita Falls and Surrounding Areas

Kelly Propane and Fuel provides diesel and gasoline fueling services for Wichita Falls and all surrounding areas. From our office in Holliday TX, we supply full service diesel and gasoline fueling services to the areas surrounding Holliday, Vernon and Wichita Falls. Our fuel delivery trucks are on the road regularly to handle your fueling needs of all types, no matter what the volume requirements are. Kelly Propane and Fuel also has a Covenant fuel card system that allows our customers to get both diesel and gasoline 24 hours a day in the Wichita Falls and Holliday areas.

Diesel and Gasoline Delivery For Wichita Falls, Vernon, Holliday and Henrietta, Texas

Kelly Propane and Fuel is a full service gasoline and diesel fuel delivery company serving the needs of North Texas companies and individuals requiring these products. Our diesel grades include both highway diesel and off-road diesel. We deliver diesel and gasoline products within a 50 mile radius of Wichita Falls and Vernon. Our diesel and gasoline delivery bobtails are capable of delivering product into tanks of any volume. We offer fueling services for fleets, stationary engines such as generators and agricultural fuel tanks. Available to our customers are the services needed to keep your vehicles and engines running. The fuels we deliver to the Wichita Falls and North Texas areas are of the highest quality, adhering to strict fuel quality specifications. Whether you have a tank requiring 50 gallons of diesel or a tank needing 1000 gallons of gasoline, Kelly Propane and Fuel has the ability to satisfy your diesel and gasoline fueling needs. Additionally, Kelly Propane and Fuel is able to provide transport delivery for customers requiring more than 2800 gallons at a time.

Kelly Propane and Fuel has fuel and diesel tanks available for farm use and on-site requirements. Diesel and gas customers in the Wichita Falls area often require permanent or temporary tanks for these fuels. We can provide gas and diesel tanks, along with pumps for temporary or permanent usage. Contact Kelly Propane and Fuel if you require on-site diesel or gas storage tanks and pumps.

Lubricants and Oils For Wichita Falls, Vernon, Holliday and Henrietta Customers

Kelly Propane and Fuel carries all major brands of oil and lubricants for engine needs as well as generic alternatives to these oil and lubricant products. We also have the ability to deliver oils and lubricants to your warehouse, jobsite or place of business in the Wichita Falls area.

Oil quantities are available in a multitude of sizes and volumes. Whether you require a quart of oil or a 55 gallon barrel of oil, Kelly Propane and Fuel has the quantities you're looking for. We have quarts of oil, cases of oil, gallons of oil and barrels of oil available for any number of uses and in varying grades. As with lubricants, Wichita Falls area customers requiring any quantity of oil can depend on Kelly Propane and Fuel for delivery of these products.